lost in thought

I suffer from pain in my brain. I need a safe place to keep all my thoughts in. I am 23 years young but I feel old. I lack focus and energy. You would think that I am a happy bird who is living my life to the fullest. I do seem happy and careless. I got engaged to the love of my life 5 months ago. I have a great family and a wonderful dog. I am supposed to feel complete, right? Wrong.

I have everything anyone can ever ask for. A family that loves me unconditionally, I found love, studied abroad, and I travel a lot. Yet I feel like there is a hole inside of my chest, constantly yearning to swallow happiness and turn it into sadness.

My fiancé is a wonderful man. I couldn’t ask for anyone else. He makes me feel better when I’m sad (which is often), buys me chocolate and books. He’s just great. I constantly ask myself why I feel so empty when I have got so much going on in my life. Or do I?


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