I love my dog to death. She is my happiness in this world. A day ago, I created an Instagram account under her name. I will be posting videos and pictures of her every day. She already has 61 followers! She might be scared of strangers and often barks and growls at them, but I know she was meant to be famous! LOL. I always see other Shih Tzu’s on Instagram and think, my doggo is way cuter than they are. Why don’t I start a new Instagram for her? So I did. I take tons of pictures and videos of her so posting new things daily won’t be a problem. She’s so loving and loves belly rubs! She loves cucumbers and cooked vegetables and chicken. She’s a traveller! I’m guessing she hates planes??? Also, she doesn’t really like kids. On second thoughts, she doesn’t really like anyone at all other than my immediate family and fiancé. She barks at everyone else lol. Look at that face!!!!!!


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