my engagement party

So yesterday was my engagement party.. (I’m attaching photos of the party in my fiancé’s house):

It was my father in law and fiance’s idea to have the party in their house. The layout and designs were beautiful. My fiance & I chose everything and it turned out to be amazing and very classy looking. Their house is big so it fits around 100 people (number of invites). I invited around 80 persons and around 10 came from his side of the family. I have never met them before, well, except for the mother a few times. It was a ladies only downstairs, and the men were upstairs. Since the beginning, his aunts were against the idea of marriage. They thought that we were “too young” to get married and that we have our studies ahead of us and so that should be our only priority. The funny thing is that back then when they were our age they were already married and have started their own family. Why is it that now that they’re old they think that we should just wait? They’ve asked him to wait, to have fun they said. “You have your whole life ahead of you to settle down and start a family. Have fun, enjoy your life for now as much as possible.” Can’t we do that together? Yes we can, and we will. Our life starts now. Although we have been together for almost 4 years, only recently I have felt that this new life has started. It is so special when he spends time with my family and I, well, with his dad and sisters. I have no problem with the fact that the rest of the family do not want to get to know me. His father knows me, his sisters, and even his cousins. That is enough to me.

Anyway, his family looked like they were angry.. they had a look with attitude on their faces. I tried my best to start a conversation with them somehow but nope. Nothing from their side. I asked them to take a few photos with me and that is it. They didn’t even stay for long and left afterwards. However my family stayed and it was fun after his part of the family left because the stress actually went away. At the end of the day I don’t really care what his family thinks of me. I don’t care if they think that we are too young. That’s just stupid. He is a young man who works with his father in his company and he is a responsible good young man. He is my man. Most importantly I get along with his father and sisters and he does with my mom and my sister and the rest of my family. My family adores him and that is whats important.


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