Dreams & Nightmares

My dreams consist of demons, distant family, and sometimes friends. Demons are everywhere though. Last night I had a nightmare. My in-laws were possessed and they wanted to hurt my family. In this nightmare I was tossing tables and chairs at them. Is it bothering me to that extent? Not getting along with them? I have thought not, but now I’m starting to change my mind. My fiancé’s sister just came back. She recently reconciled with her mother, who she has not spoken to for a few years because of an evil step-mother who has tarnished their relationship by turning her against her own biological mother. I know that is so much drama going on for one family, but I for one have been there. I have endured so much as a child with my own family so I understand what this is like. In my opinion I have been through way worse. This is no competition though. I am just stating that because my fiancé does not want to let me in on their drama, thinking that it will maybe push me away somehow? I am not afraid of drama. This will not push me away. I am extremely empathic and I am so open-minded and very forgiving. It is just who I am. This will not push me away. I have mentioned to him before that I understand why his family feels like our engagement was a bad idea. I get it. I do not get how they do not want to get to know me though. If you are worried about your brother’s son’s priorities why don’t you talk to him about it? Get to know the girl he is in love with? This is why they are worried, because they do not know me.

Anyway, until the day comes where they decide they want to start a relationship with us I will keep my distance and try to forget about them. My father in-law advised my fiancé to not speak to them as well. He thinks it is none of their business as long as he accepts. I agree.


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